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Frequently Asked Question!

Neelam fresh edible oil can help keep your family heart healthy. This vegetable oil has a good balance of MUFA & PUFA with a specially designed anti-oxidant system that helps improve immunity. Neelam fresh oil, with Oryzanol, helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Edible oils are sources of dietary fats that play an essential role in the body, satisfying nutritional needs, growth and are necessary for proper functioning of brain and nerve system as well as the endocrine environment.

we have a many Kind of oil. but our special oil was 

1.Peanut oil

2.Mustard oil

3.hand’s made Peanut oil


it is okay. but he was totally depends on your quantity.

Of-course ,yes  Unrefined cooking oils generally have lower smoke points than refined oils, making them less ideal for high heat cooking. The flavors you are going for. Each cooking oil has a different flavor profile, which may affect how your meal tastes. These flavors range from rich and buttery to fishy.